Lenovo Service Center Services

Our Lenovo Team

Our technicians are specially trained and certified by top institutes who know exactly how to resolve the issue economically in a quickest span of time and at the same time ensuring quality of the lenovo laptop

We do not believe in replacing the spares and causing high expense to the customer, rather we will make sure we repair the faulty part and make it work again thus reducing the cost for the customer. Our team works not only on satisfying the customer but also on delighting the customer.

Modern machineries and Tools

Old technique of using hot guns to repair the faulty IC’s and chipset weakens the board and thereby very soon the mother board will go for beyond repairable condition.

We are at step with the modern technology of using Ball grid array(BGA) machine and BGA oven in help eliminating the issues in IC’s and chipset and also taking good care of the PCB so that the lenovo laptop will have a very long and smooth working.

Lenovo laptop Screen Damage Service

Physical damage of screens due to excessive pressure apply, lenovo laptop fallen down, screen being hit by objects are common problem. Get screens replaced instantly at a very low cost at your door step.

Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Replacement Service

Another common issue is fixing broken keyboards. Whether they are broken from spilt liquid, or a toddler taking the keys off by hand, key board shot we are ready to replace it in order that you'll come back to figure once more. Sometimes the particular non working key can be replaced instead of whole key board replacement.

Lenovo Dead laptops Service

Sometimes lenovo laptop refuses to power on, power on but no display, beep sound only coming etc are considered to be issues in the mother board of the lenovo laptop which needs to be diagnosed via Power supply and treatment is done using the machineries making sure the lenovo laptop is back to normal and it continues to work efficiently in the future.

We are an expertise panel of engineers capable of just repairing anything and make products work back to normal. We have enough tools and machineries to assist the same.

Lenovo Laptop Water Logging Service

Water entered your lenovo laptop by mistake, do not worry at all. Just a simple procedure will help remove 100% water molecules from the lenovo laptop.

BGA oven is all that you need for it and we are the only centre in Chennai which uses BGA oven for such critical issues.

Lenovo Hard Drive Service

If your hard drive has stopped operating and you cannot longer get into Windows, we are ready to replace the drive Associate in nursing operating once more. Hard disk problem does not mean that it cannot be repaired; there are always options to bring the HDD back to life instead of going for replacement. If the HDD is beyond repairable condition we can still make sure data is retrieved and put back in a new Hard disk.

Lenovo Memory Issues

If your lenovo laptop is give beep noise, then the chances are it’s some variety of RAM or memory fault. We will quickly diagnose your Lenovo portable computer issue and assist you dig back operating nearly as good as new.

You May Have A Faulty half If You expertise The Following:

Lenovo Laptop Backlight Damage Service

If you can see a faint image of your screen however it's not bright enough to envision clearly, then you have a backlight issue. Depending on your model of portable computer might either get repaired otherwise you may need a brand new screen.

Lenovo Laptop Desktop Virus Removal Service

Viruses can happen on all varieties of computers, no matter the dimensions. If you are worried about losing any important files/data, please do not be we will bear the files on your laptop and take away any nasty programs in order that it's safe and secure. Removing virus is one part and making sure it does not happen again is other part.